Processing Services Overview

SEIMAX Technologies provides the latest in seismic data processing services and technology to the oil and gas industry. Our processing services team is made up of highly skilled geophysicists with diverse industry experience, including seismic data acquisition, data processing, exploration & production, software engineering and research. Our geophysicists have over 250 years of combined experience, working on projects involving data from most of the significant geological provinces of the world. We have developed real world experience by successfully imaging a range of challenging depositional and structural environments.

SEIMAX is a midsize, privately owned processing company with a vast footprint. We have the flexibility and adaptability to respond quickly to meet client needs and objectives. Our processing staff collaborates with our in-house R&D team, which is comprised of mathematicians, geophysicists and software engineers, to address complex imaging issues. We utilize our own proprietary seismic processing software, developed and refined over the past 25 years to meet the needs of our clients. SEIMAX strives to provide exceptional processing services to the major oil and gas companies, large independents, and smaller startup companies, with total client satisfaction as our mission.

Over the past 8 years SEIMAX has processed more than 400 3D surveys, totaling over 35,000 square miles of 3D data and over 550,000 miles of 2D data, located in areas all over the world as identified by our processing history map below.

Processing History