SeisUP® Support

At SEIMAX Technologies, our priority is for you to have successful, profitable processing endeavors using SeisUP®. Our support team is here for you if you ever need help using the software or encounter problems along the way. If your expectations are for our support team to address your questions and issues in a timely manner, our goal is to exceed those expectations and to ensure your experience with SeisUP® is smooth and trouble-free.

SEIMAX Technologies released the latest version of SeisUP®, V20.0 at the end of December 2015. SEIMAX Technologies is currently working on some minor updates to the software that will be released in 2016. We are always looking to improve SeisUP® and will listen to and consider suggestions from our users related to improvements and/or new feature requests for our future updates.

If you currently license SeisUP®, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns at: