Lateral topographical and velocity changes in the near-surface lead to time anomalies during seismic land surveying. Having a correct and dependable model of the near-surface geology is crucial for good seismic imaging. SeisUP® includes an advanced refraction statics correction package for creating a shallow earth model and applying the necessary time shifts to seismic data traces.

SeisUP® also has a comprehensive set of modules for calculating and applying residual statics, in a surface consistent manner or by CMP, depending upon the goals of the processor. The result of correcting for these surface anomalies is an increase in trace-to-trace coherency within each CMP as well as improvements in the lateral continuity of stratigraphic units, which results in better overall imaging of the subsurface structures.

PT Refraction Statics 1a

PT Refraction Statics 2

PT Residual Statics 1