About Us


SEIMAX Technologies is a leading provider of seismic processing services and software to the oil & gas exploration Industry. We offer a full complement of 2D and 3D land and marine processing services. Our mission is to help clients reduce exploration risk and maximize their return on seismic data investments through innovative seismic processing solutions.


SEIMAX Technologies offers a diverse suite of processing services, using targeted, state-of-the-art technology to resolve complex structural and depositional challenges to produce accurate subsurface images. Our team works closely with clients to evaluate the requirements for each survey to determine the specific approach that best suites each project. We offer a full array of seismic processing solutions from Kirchhoff Pre-stack Time Migration to Reverse Time Migration. Visit our Processing Services page to learn more.


SEIMAX Technologies is the developer of SeisUP®, a full-featured seismic data processing application used internally by SEIMAX and licensed to commercial seismic processing companies as well as clients with in-house geoscience teams. SEIMAX is the developers of proprietary wave imaging technology and advanced velocity modeling tools that provide superior seismic imaging. Visit our Processing Technology page to learn more.


SEIMAX Technologies has an experienced staff with diverse backgrounds in seismic processing, seismic field acquisition, exploration and production, research and software engineering. Our processing and software development teams work together to find solutions for our clients’ seismic imaging needs. Our research and development team is continually expanding the capabilities of SeisUP® to include the latest technologies to meet the needs of the industry.


SEIMAX was formed in May of 2015 with the merge of five companies including GeoCenter LP, Wave Imaging Technology (a division of GeoCenter LP), Seismic Ventures LLC, ProSEIS LLC, and the processing division of Summit Geophysical.