R&D Overview

At SEIMAX Technologies, our goal is to exceed our clients expectations in all aspects of the seismic processing services and technology we provide to our clients.

This means constant innovation is necessary by our talented team of researchers with backgrounds in geophysics, geology, mathematics, physics and engineering. The SEIMAX Technologies research and development group is currently developing leading edge methods including depth imaging and full-waveform inversion, while constantly striving to optimize our seismic processing power and efficiency.

R&D Papers

Ray tracing equations in transversely isotropic media
Cosmin Macesanu and Faruq Akbar, SEIMAX Technologies, LP

Separation of specular reflection and diffraction images in Kirchhoff depth migration
Faruq E Akbar and Jun Ma, SEIMAX Technologies, LP

First-arrival waveform inversion using low-frequency regenerated data
Ken Xu and Cosmin Macesanu, SEIMAX Technologies, LP

Partial fast Fourier transform (PFFT) to improve the computer efficiency of hybrid-domain FWI
Ken Xu (SEIMAX Technologies) and George A. McMechan (UT Dallas)