Signal Processing

Noise attenuation and data conditioning are crucial to optimize seismic data for pre-stack time and depth migration. Coherent and incoherent noise can contaminate seismic data and mask primary signals that are important for imaging geologic features properly. Conditioning the amplitude and phase characteristics of the recorded seismic data is vital for accurate seismic imaging.

With countless numbers of advanced algorithms, SEIMAX Technologies has developed a complete and robust toolkit for handling all types of seismic data. Close interaction between our processors, clients and software development team allows us to tackle the most advanced seismic problems using a constantly evolving software package. SEIMAX Technologies uses a data driven approach to remove noise without harming the primary signals. With regular client interaction at various steps throughout the many stages of data conditioning, we ensure that the data is properly prepared for all subsequent processing required to meet our clients’ seismic processing objectives.

PS Signal Processing