SeisUP® Overview

SeisUP®, developed by SEIMAX Technologies LP, is a fully integrated, standard-compliant software application designed specifically for processing large volume 2D and 3D seismic surveys, both land and marine. SeisUP® is comprised of over 300 modules, designed to empower the experienced processor, while enabling the novice to be productive within hours by using an intuitive graphical interface. To date, SeisUP® has issued more than 200 licenses to processing centers and exploration companies located around the world.

SeisUP® features:

  • 64-Bit Linux environment
  • Simultaneous interactive and batch processing
  • Disk-to-disk and tape-to-tape processing
  • Graphical job flow construction showing entire processing history
  • Multi-dimensional, spreadsheet parameter entry
  • Menu and icon driven with point-and-click user control
  • CGM+ standards-compliant system plotting software
  • Tape management subsystem for large tape libraries
  • Scalable supercomputing for both shared and distributed memory systems
  • Comprehensive development environment

The SEIMAX processing staff and SeisUP® developers occupy the same facility, and because of this close interaction, real processing and client needs drive software development to ensure that software tools keep pace with the ever evolving technological environment. As SEIMAX continues to broaden the scope and functionality of SeisUP® each year, it also remains dedicated to the underlying fundamentals of seismic data processing. SeisUP® provides its users with core seismic data processing functionality, in an accurate, reliable, flexible and fast processing environment.

SeisUP® Modules
SeisUP® is designed to create a flexible processing environment, where processing flows are easily built through the use of an interactive graphical interface. Users can create customized solutions for complex imaging projects by selecting the desired modules and defining the sequence the modules are to be employed. SeisUP® offers a number of utility modules to smoothly and quickly load data of various formats and provides for multi-dimensional spreadsheet parameter entry. Once set up, SeisUP® projects are easily managed with SeisUP®’s interactive graphical interface. Users can QC the data interactively, even as the project is executing. This feature allows users to quickly investigate anomalies, obtain optimal results and decrease project processing time.

PT SeisUP Screen

To learn more about selected SeisUP® modules designed to handle the core functions of seismic data processing, explore the grid presented below.


Having the correct geometry is a key first step in seismic processing…


In order to produce the best seismic imaging of the subsurface you need to condition your wavelet to its best form…


Random noise and multiples may hide desired seismic events during essential processes such as velocity…


SeisUP® has an advanced refraction statics correction package as well as a comprehensive set of modules for applying residual statics…


Velocity analysis is an integral part of seismic processing, contributing to accurate subsurface imaging…


SeisUP® has multiple advanced solutions for regularizing your seismic data through our proprietary 5D interpolation processing tools…


Amplitude Versus Offset (AVO) anomalies can be useful in helping to identify the presence of hydrocarbons…


Use SeisUP®’s advanced time migration algorithms to produce accurate and detailed images of the subsurface in the time domain…