Depth Imaging

SEIMAX Technologies depth imaging team can create precise and accurate images of the subsurface, from simple to complex geologic settings. We have a range of reliable and efficient pre-stack depth migration algorithms including Kirchhoff, Wave-Equation based Migration (WEM) and Reverse Time Migration (RTM).

Our migration methods not only have isotropic capabilities, but can also handle anisotropic migration as well. We deal with VTI, HTI and TTI anisotropy, depending upon the characteristics of the data and the needs of our client.

The SEIMAX Technologies processing team works closely with each client to best understand and implement their specific needs. Geologic interpretation is critical to successfully building an accurate velocity model for depth migration. We hold live sessions with our clients to pick horizons and interpret intermediate processing results. This close and consistent interaction between SEIMAX Technologies and our clients ensures that maximum value is achieved from each and every final depth imaging product.